Guide To Submitting Artwork . . .

Email and/or Website, CD-R/RW

  1. Include a jpeg or pdf for reference
  2. Convert all fonts to paths/outlines
  3. Include or embed all placed images
  4. Submit artwork at actual size
  5. Identify all spot colors
  6. Allow for bleed if necessary
  7. Submit the original file if possible
  8. Never flatten/merge the layers of a .psd file
  9. Indicated the cut/die line clearly
  10. Verify art meets all Artwork Guidelines I'm ready to upload my files, click here.

Software and/or File Format Preffered . . .

All versions of CC accepted
Illustrator CS6 (.ai)
InDesign CS6 (.indd)
(include fonts/links)
Photoshop CS6 (.psd)
(.psd is raster)

Supported Corel Draw X6 (.cdr) Pages Publisher .tif (if raster is acceptable) .pdf (fonts must be converted)

What Is Vector Artwork? . . .

Vector artwork is an image created of points and paths. The artwork is editable, scalable & able to be separated for spot color reproductions. Basically, vectors are used for art that will be resized - from the size of a golf ball to a billboard.

What Is Raster Artwork? . . .

Raster artwork is an image created of many pixels. This artwork is not editable, scalable or able to be separated for spot color reproduction. Examples of this are: photographs or images, the larger they are, the more pixelated "blurry" they become.

What Is The Difference Between Coated & Uncoated Paper? . . .

Coated Gloss or matte finish. Can either be shiny (high gloss) or subtle shine (matte). Coating restricts the amount of ink that is absorbed & how it bleeds into the paper creating sharp and complex images. Coated paper will impact the appearance and usability of printed item because it is more resistant to debris, moisture and wear. Most often used to print magazines, book covers & glossy photos. Because coated paper does not take pen ink well, we do not recommend using coated paper for the back of business cards since many people like to write on the back.

Uncoated Uncoated paper does not have a coating, increasing absorbency, tends to be porous and is generally not as smooth as coated paper. Most often used for letterheads, envelopes and prestigious printed materials such as menus for high end restaurants, real estate brochures, etc.

What Is Spot Color Printing? . . .

All jobs require vector artwork. If raster artwork is the only art available, contact customer service here.

What Is 4-Color Process Printing? . . .

Vector artwork is preffered. Raster artwork is only acceptable for photgraphs & similar style artwork. If raster artwork is the only art available, 600dpi is required for best results.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept? . . .


What Are Average Turn Around Times? . . .